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States of Mind (SOM) has recently transitioned from a mental health magazine to a newsletter! Originally founded over 30 years ago as a newsletter, it wasn’t until 2014 that SOM became a literary magazine. As a literary magazine, SOM contained written works and images by and for consumers of mental health. Now, as a newsletter again, we feature news surrounding mental health issues and topics, our programs, resources, wellness advice and creative works!


Newsletter Summer 2018



For any recommendations, suggestions and comments on the newsletter please email We will try our best to respond promptly when needed.


SOM is also accepting submissions. These can be any form of creative works as well as art or photography. Please be aware that any artwork or photographs may be printed in black and white. You may submit any original  piece of work through our email address In the submission, include your first and last name that you would like the article published under and a brief summary of the content (if it is a written piece). For example, if your work is nonfiction, you could state that your piece recounts your personal reactions and experiences surrounding depression in daily life. Try to be specific but concise! Happy writing!


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If you want to take a look at some of our previous magazine issues, click on the issues linked to this page. You can also find some of our past magazines on Facebook at States of Mind or Instagram at statesofmindmag.


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