Family Support Services


Family Support Services (FSS)

The Family Support Services Program is focused on the needs of families who have a child or children with a social, emotional, behavioral, developmental or a mental health disability. FSS provides services to support and empower families so they can improve the quality of their lives and help their children to achieve their full potential within the family network and community. FSS provides a wide range of no cost services to help support the entire family.

Family Peer Support Services
A Family Peer Advocate works across a variety of systems to provide peer support, education, advocacy and information and referral. A Family Peer Advocate will work closely with parents/guardians in a strength-based relationship to enhance family skills to promote positive youth functioning and their child’s ability to be successful. A Family Peer Advocate will be available to collaboratively work with and on behalf of families to assist them to obtain needed services and supports to promote positive outcomes. The most important advocacy concept of FSS is that of being “Effective Parent-Professional-System partnerships”.

FSS provides wavier contracts services through the Office of Mental Health providing skill-building and respite services.

Parent Support Group
Parent–driven support groups include parents/guardians and a FSS peer advocate who share similar experiences. The Group provides a forum where parents can exchange information, share past experiences and create positive techniques and skills to enhance their family unity. FSS schedules a variety of educational workshops which have included such topics as: Mental health assessments, transition services, special education laws, nutrition and a medication presentation by an area pharmacist.

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Parent Empowerment Trainings
The Family Peer Advocate provides training for parents/guardians of children with mental health needs so they can gain specific information about mental health disorders and their treatments, the mental health care system and services and school system options.

For more information on Family Support Services, please email one of our Credentialed Family Peer Advocates: Pat Vincent at or Charles Niven, LCSW at