Employment Opportunities

New Fall 2019!

Mental Health Association
in Tompkins County

Children’s and Family Treatment Services

Hiring Part Time:
Skill Builders
Respite Staff

Skill builders and Respite Staff will be working with child/youth

The Children and Family Treatment Services Program is focused on the needs of families who have a child or children with a social, emotional, behavioral, developmental or a mental health disability. FSS provides services to support and empower families so they can improve the quality of their lives and help their children to achieve their full potential within the family network and community. 

Job Description:
Skill Builders focus on the developmental stage of the child and work with the child towards achieving age appropriate developmental tasks. In collaboration with the Individual Care Coordinator, Parent or Guardian, they design and provide activities that assist children in developing skills for performing age appropriate tasks needed to live successfully in their homes and communities. Skill Builders help the child to identify current assets and strategies for acquiring desired ones. Skill Builders may help a child work on developing specific social skills necessary for acceptable social interactions such as how to give and receive a compliment, how to start a conversation, how to ask for something, the etiquette of common courtesy, etc. Activities may support areas such as completing schoolwork, being part of a team, handling money and activities of daily living. Skill Builders may also work with youth in developing skills for independent living and in assessing vocational skills training. They may also work with the child’s family, including siblings, in teaching them how to best support the child in maintaining the skill sets.

Job Description:
Respite Workers temporarily care for the child on a planned basis, providing relief from care-giving responsibilities for the family. This eases the on-going stress often experienced by families of children with serious emotional disturbances. Respite Workers supervise the child and engage the child in recreational activities that support his/her constructive interests and abilities. Respite may occur in the child’s home, or in the community with one child or a group.

Part-time: Employee can work up to 20 hours per work week. More hours may be available with increased participation of families in need of services.

Salary: $13.00 per hour.

If you are 18 years old, have experience working with children, one who wants to make a difference in a child’s life, this is for you!

Please contact Pat Vincent or Charles Niven, Children’s and Family Treatment Services

607-273-9250 or pvincent@mhaedu.orgcniven@mhaedu.org