Mental Health Matters Day March 11, 2020 – POSTPONED

Due to an unforeseen issue in our building, we have to postpone our virtual mental health matters day. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We will send out a note in the coming days regarding a future date.

At the heart of their advocacy remains three key priorities:

“It has been an anxiety-inducing time for many of us, and MHANYS wanted to do its part to help alleviate the anxiety while providing a teachable moment for students: The unexpected happens in life, and how we manage our stress and adapt to tough situations is essential to our mental wellness,”

MHANYS CEO Glenn Liebman

We are sad that we won’t be making it to Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. – Mental Health Matters Lobby Day …. BUT we are excited to see that it has adapted to being VIRTUAL! To learn how to take part visit: See you ONLINE! #endstigma #mhatc #Mhanys

At the heart of their advocacy remains three key priorities:

3for5 – So Communities Thrive — The spread of COVID-19 will only intensify the workload for New York’s human services providers. To ensure access to essential mental and behavioral health care, advocates are calling for a 3% increase on state contracts and rates for each of the next five years.

$1 million for School Mental Health — The executive budget includes $500,000 for the School Mental Health Resource & Training Center; increasing funding to $1 million will expand the Resource Center’s ability to train teachers, school leaders and families.

Mental Health Training for Educators — With the mental health needs of schools constantly evolving, this legislation (S.7612/A.9806) focuses on preparing educators to recognize signs of mental illness, respond effectively and teach their students about mental health.  

“As COVID-19 begins to have an increased impact on our communities, we feel it is important to make some adjustments to MHANYS Mental Health Matters Day on March 11, 2020.

We will certainly miss the over 700 people who would have been in attendance, we are hoping to get even more people to attend the virtual event.

1st -We are canceling the in-person gathering scheduled to take place in Albany.
2nd -We are taking MHANYS Mental Health Matters Day virtual!”

Learn how to take part here:

Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc.