Board of Directors





Sophia Goehner

Sophia is a graduate of the Cornell Architecture Department, a five-year professional degree program in the College of Architecture, Art and Planning. Sophia currently owns and operates an LLC which provides Physical and Digital Design and Marketing Solutions to Individuals, Start-Ups and Established Businesses. Sophia’s interest in Mental Health Advocacy, Awareness and Education comes from personal experiences related to the management of her own Mental Health, as well as her supportive stance in the recovery and management of the Mental Health related struggles of those she holds dearly. Given her personal relationship with Mental Health Services in Tompkins County, Sophia has a particularly compassionate and educated understanding of what it means to struggle with a Mental Health Diagnosis and is keenly aware of the challenges faced by those seeking to find appropriate Services within our local community. Although Ithaca has much to offer in terms of support and treatment, improvements need to be made! Accordingly, Sophia’s primary interest in serving as Board President of the MHATC is to help usher in a new wave of Awareness, Education and Advocacy to reduce stigma and further improve the way people struggling with Mental Health related issues are treated and cared for in Tompkins County.

There is no health without mental health. 




Hugh Stephenson
Hugh Stephenson is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Ithaca College and a licensed clinical psychologist. He coordinates the interdisciplinary minor in counseling at Ithaca College. Hugh’s Ph.D. is from Southern Illinois University and he completed his Clinical Internship in Tulane Medical School. Hugh has worked in a variety of public and private mental health settings both inpatient and outpatient and currently teaches students who are preparing for mental health careers. From Ireland, Hugh is a 25 year resident of Fall Creek and interested in art and antiques as well as community engagement and travel.




Pete Wolfanger

Peter Wolfanger is an Employment Specialist at Challenge Workforce Solutions where he helps people with barriers to employment succeed in the competitive workplace. Peter has a background in the arts, teaching drawing and painting, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from American University.  Peter has facilitated employment oriented skills groups at the Jenkins Center for Hope and Recovery including basic computer skill learning and work readiness classes.





Wendy Houseworth
Wendy Houseworth is the Director of Development and Marketing at the Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School of Ithaca.  Wendy believes that all people should have access to high quality, community based mental health services and is committed to building social and emotional wellness in children. Promoting mental wellness, health, and resilience has a positive impact on many areas of a young person’s life, including academic learning, family and social relationships, and in later years, their professional success. Wendy brings combined experience working in the fields of business management, strategic planning, non-profit fundraising, marketing, event planning and community relations.






Jack Reid
Jack Reid is a retired LCSW from Colorado where he practiced as a psychotherapist for 43 years.  He has had experience in community mental health, residential treatment, and most recently private practice.  Jack and his wife moved to Ithaca to be near their daughter, son-in-law and 6-year-old grandchild.  Jack is excited to learn more about the mental health system here in Tompkins County.




Daniel Stevens, LMSW
Daniel Stevens graduated with a Master in Social Work from Western New Mexico University in 2017.  He earned his bachelors degree in Political Science with a concentration in Law and Justice from the State University of New York at Cortland in 2004.  Daniel has a lot of experience working in mental health and specifically with the Mental Health Association of Tompkins County. Daniel completed his Foundation Internship Experience at the MHATC working with the KIDS FIRST program and at their Jenkins Center.  Dan went on to work at the Tompkins County Mental Health Clinic on the Children’s Unit.  During his time at MHATC, Dan realized the importance of working to remove the stigma in mental health.  Currently Dan is an adoption social worker in Cortland.  As the Ukraine Coordinator, he works with families whose children come from orphanage situations and have significant trauma.  Dan also works with the Advocacy Center and the Enough Abuse Campaign.



Dana Cooper
Dana Cooper has been a resident in Ithaca for 25 years.  Dana has dedicated her career to assist individuals by working through non-for profits for most of her life.  Dana takes pride in being fortunate to help others in many capacities.  She has been a volunteer with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for the past 2 years and advocates for mental illness/mental health and substance addiction.